Big Blue - 6500 Lumen Warm White Video Light With Red Mode & Blue Mode

$579.99 USD
6500-Lumen Video Light w/ Built-in Blue & Red Light:

The CB6500PB is equipped with 3 color choices for maximum underwater creativity! This light is like having 3 lights in one as it has white, blue and red LED’s all built into the light housing. It also comes with a rugged TL-GLOVE for hands free mounting AND a 1″ ball mount for easy camera tray mounting. The white video LED’s are a powerful 6500 lumens and a 120 degree extra wide beam angle. Other options included are the intense blue LED’s that are for fluoro-diving performance and the Red LEDs for sneaking up on all sorts of underwater life. The 120° beam angle is perfect for use with any underwater camera or for revealing sea life throughout the sea. There are no visible hard edges in any of the color settings which makes any video editing a breeze.


Chip on Board LED

6 x XPE Red LED’s

8 x XPE Blue LED’s

An extra-large 120° beam angle with no visible edge

The rechargeable Li-Ion 26650 battery (included) gives you 2 hours on the high

Multiple power settings to reduce the intensity and increase battery life

Anodized aluminum housing means rugged dependability

Color-coded battery indicator

TL-GLOVE for hands free use

100M depth rating

Comes with a clip for easy camera system setup

Comes with a dry bag

United States customer service from our office in Clearwater, FL

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