Aqualung - CYCLONE X - Freediving Fin

$120.00 USD

Product Details

Cyclone X fins are lightweight and reactive thanks to a thermoplastic blade construction. The foot pockets use a soft rubber for efficient power transfer with a lateral rips for progressive blade flex. Cyclone X Fins add another level of adaptability with the use of a modular system to suit your diving needs. The modular design is also perfect for traveling - allowing the fins to be disassembled and packed into shorter travel bags and reassembled at the destination. This new tip profile prevents side to side slipping while kicking.
CYCLONE X - Freediving Fin


  • Powerful Thermoplastic blade construction
  • Soft rubber foot pockets for efficient power transfer
  • Lateral rips for progressive blade flex
  • Modular, travel ready system - disassembles and reassembles to perfectly fit in your carry-on luggage
  • Tip profile prevents side-to-side slipping while kicking

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