SCUBA Force - Thenar Dry Glove Complete System & Parts (No Gloves)

$278.00 USD

The ultimate Dry Glove System for divers who are constantly searching for the best product.

SCUBA FORCE Thenar Drysuit Gloves with their unique oval ring sets provide more freedom of movement than traditional ring systems and are perfectly designed for technical diving. 

Made from the highest quality materials, the SCUBA FORCE Thenar system offers unmatched performance.

Oval Thenar Rings

The oval Thenar rings are constructed of hard, anodized aluminum and the shape of the ring is devised to match the shape of the hand and follow the lines created by the thenar muscle. 

Drawing of the ring system

The shape of the rings was modeled after the Thenar muscle in the wrist. Thus, the system provides a small scale while retaining the maximum diameter. The smaller the profile, the better the handling.

This results in a much lower ring circumference compared to standard rings with a constant diameter. 

The divers hand easily reaches through the Thenar ring and into the glove and all handling, such as reaching in the suit pocket or performing a valve drill is much easier.


The full system includes protection rings for the gloves as well as the drysuit seal.  

The included robust O-rings provide a secure and permanent seal.  

This practical plug-in system makes the assembly and disassembly of the gloves very easy. 

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