Dive Xtras - X Scooter PTB Retrofit Module

$616.00 USD

Power Tool Battery For All X- Scooters

Now you can have the benefit of a power tool battery in any of our older scooter models*: Echo, Sierra and CUDA. Get rid of that old NiMh battery and replace it with the power of lithium.  The benefits are huge, off the shelf batteries available worldwide, fast charging and lower cost.

This product will mount two Power Tool Batteries in your scooter providing 36v and upto 480 Wh of capacity, depending on which batteries you purchase.

It does require your scooter to have programable electronics, so the settings can be changed to suit the new battery. These have been standard for a while, but older models may not have them.  To check, all programable electronics have a small connector on the wires going to the reed switch. Don’t worry if you don’t have them, just make sure you add the upgrade to your purchase.

Range and runtime comparisons will depend on the Wh capacity of the original battery vs the Wh of the Power tool packs you purchase. If you have batteries older than 2-3 years your NiMh battery capacity could be significantly reduced and you will see an increase even if the original capacity was more than the PTB. Cuda owners will experience a small reduction in top speed

This product will be significantly lighter than your original battery so you will need to change your weighting accordingly. The kit comes with 5 weight pouches that you can add to the nose of your scooter.

*Requires programable electronics.

  • Fast charging
  • Available worldwide
  • Low cost replacement at end of life
  • Air travel OK

Pack Compatability

Compatible with all packs that fit the DCB interface. These are sold as 20v in the USA or 18v in the EU and rest of the world. Two packs of exactly the same type, and ideally similar age, MUST be used.

We have tested it with the following batteries:

  • 2 x Dewalt DCB612 20V/60V Max FlexVolt 12.0 AH Battery (Highest Performance In Testing)
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB548 18V/54V XR FlexVolt 12.0 AH Battery UK & EU (Highest Performance In Testing)
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB609 20/60v Max FlexVolt 9.0 AH
  • 2 x Dewalt DCB547 18V/54V XR FlexVolt 9.0 AH Battery UK & EU
    • Additional Options with significant lower performance
  • 2x Batteriol 20V 5.0Ah Lithium Battery
  • 2 x LiBatter 20V MAX 6.0Ah Lithium Battery

Whats in The Box

Included in the box will be:

  • PTB Conversion Module
  • 4 Large Weight Pouches or 5 Standard Size  Weight Pouches – 4 to 5 Velcro Strips


  • Programmable electronics upgrade kit
  • Programing Interface
  • Retaining kit (If you have lost your old battery retaining rings)

You will need to source two DCB compatible battery packs and charger locally.  Two packs of exactly the same type, and ideally similar age, MUST be used.

This kit also uses the retaining ring from your old battery, if yours is lost or broken, please add to selections below.

Important Facts

Don’t leave you battery connected to your scooter for long durations. Even though there is protection, it may over discharge the battery. Always connect your battery just before the dive, and disconnect it shortly after.

For air travel always check current regulations, travel typically requires you to carry the individual power tool modules in your hand luggage.

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