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Welcome to Paragon Dive, an online scuba gear store with a physical location in Tucson, AZ. We are dedicated to providing the best scuba diving equipment on the market. Our store features top-of-the-line scuba gear from the industry's leading brands, so you can trust that you'll be receiving the highest quality products. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned diver, you'll find the scuba gear that fits your needs. With our unbeatable selection of masks, fins, tanks, regulators, and more, you'll be ready to go on your next dive in no time. Shop now and experience the difference that quality scuba gear can make.


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Paragon Dive has a wide range of equipment, from miscellaneous tools and essentials to full gear kits. No matter what you need for your next scuba dive, we have it here.

Travel Packages

Scuba adventures are the perfect way to experience the beauty of the ocean and make memories that will last a lifetime. With our travel packages, you can explore the world beneath the waves in a variety of locations. We offer "local" travel near our Arizona location as well as more exotic trips to locations around the globe. Whether you want to see shipwrecks, coral reefs, unique marine life, or anything else the underwater world has to offer, we have options available for unforgettable getaways.

Scuba Training And Certification

We offer a variety of training courses and certification programs to help you learn to dive or improve your skills, ranging from options for brand-new divers to those with extensive experience seeking more advanced training.

We are based in Arizona (Tucson and Phoenix) and regularly travel to Southern California and Northwestern Mexico. In addition to offering training in these locations, we can travel anywhere in the world to provide courses where you need them.

Beginning Scuba Certification

Scuba diving is a thrilling and exhilarating activity that allows you to explore the underwater world and discover a variety of marine life. With proper training and certification, you can learn to scuba dive safely and confidently. Scuba training and certification classes provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure your safety and comfort while underwater. You'll learn about the types of equipment you need, the safety protocols to follow, and how to navigate the underwater environment. Once you've completed your training and certification, you'll be ready to embark on your own underwater adventures.

Advanced Diver Development

Once you've gotten started with scuba, you may be interested in developing your skills further. We offer courses to become a scuba instructor, gain professional-level certification, or learn a new skill like underwater photography. Paragon Dive offers these types of training in addition to our beginner-friendly courses.

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At Paragon Dive, you can find a variety of scuba gear as well as training courses and travel packages. In addition, we offer diving equipment rentals and services such as gas tank filling and regulator inspections. Whether you shop online or at our Tucson showroom, you can trust that you'll find the best products available. We stock a wide range of options so beginners, experienced divers, and anyone in between can find exactly what they are looking for.

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