Molecular Products - Sofnolime 797 CO2 Absorbent

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Molecular Products - Sofnolime 812/NI 797 CO2 Absorbent

If you need Sofnolime look for further. We now have you covered. We will ship the 797/812 CO2 absorbent in 44LB kegs. We only sell non color indicating absorbent as rebreather divers should not be relying on a color indicator as a reliable method for evaluating use.


The 797 Grade has a smaller particle size (1.0 to 2.5 mm) and has a triangular shaped cross-section, which combine to give a higher CO2 absorption capacity compared with CD Grade. The 797 Grade is the one most widely used in modern rebreathers. It is generically referred to as “8-12 mesh” or simply “812” by divers because the granule sizes are similar to the apertures found in size 8 wire mesh up to apertures found in size 12 wire mesh.
  • Manufactured by Molecular Products in the U.K.
  • Used in recreational, technical, scientific, and military semi-closed and closed 
diving rebreathers
  • Also used in chambers, diving bells, gas reclamation systems and submarines.
  • The 797 Grade, CD Grade, and Military D Grade ship in high-density polyethylene 
(HDPE) resealable containers with 44 lb (20 kg) of product inside.
  • Containers can maintain proper absorption capacity for 5 years. Each container 
marked with an expiration date
  • Sofnolime is shipped as ordinary non-hazardous product
  • High attrition resistance (low dust formation)
  • Follow your rebreather manufacturer’s recommendations for scrubber change 
  • Only use the specific absorbent recommended by your rebreather manufacturer
  • The use of improper absorbent can cause excessive work of breathing and shortened scrubber times

Carbon Dioxide Absorption Sofnolime® for Recreational, Commercial and Military Diving. Sofnolime® is a carbon dioxide absorbent, optimized for the removal of carbon dioxide from breathable gas in diving rebreathers, chambers, diving bells, gas reclamation systems and submarines.

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