AMX Teknology - Shearwater Perdix (Perdix, Perdix AI, Perdix 2) Aluminum Protective Case

$71.00 USD

Shearwater Perdix Aluminum Protective Case

Case will fit the original Perdix, Perdix AI, Perdix 2 - Titanium, Perdix 2 - Black Titanium

The Shearwater Perdix computer protection system is made of solid cut and anodized marine grade aluminum, it is designed to cover the original case by interlocking over the top but also the sides of the Perdix. The tight fit ensures good support, the protector is secured by 1 O-ring to avoid any loss.

This system does not require any tools for its implementation and can be removed very quickly for cleaning.

Made of T6082 marine grade aluminum in France.

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