UWLD - Heating Solutions - Heat Controller - Underwater Light Dude

$833.00 USD

UWLD - Heating Solutions - Heat Controller - Underwater Light Dude

Heat Controller

Plug it into your heated drysuit under garments, and it keeps you toasty warm. It's that simple.

Stacking Cap - Now you can have both heat and light on the same battery canister. The stacking cap allows a second cap to be stacked on top of this canister cap. Comes with a blanking cap to use stand alone.


Main Features

  • LED battery status indication around the Piezo switch. Eliminates guessing battery charge and extends the life of the battery by only charging when needed.
  • Constant heat output from start to finish of battery
    • Heat does not decrease with battery level; very important for optimal decompression
  • 5 heat levels for range of comfort in water of -3c to 20c (23F° – 68°F)
  • Piezo switch control for both on/off & changing heat levels
    • Eliminates the high failure rate of boot switches
    • Mechanical switch does not have to be toggled to adjust levels
  • LED indicator for battery status indication (high/green, medium/yellow, low/red), power on/off, & heat level setting
  • Can be used independently or with lights on the same battery
  • Small, compact & light weight design


  • Compatible with all UWLD Latchless Batteries
  • Comes standard with the stack cap for the Latchless Battery
  • Stack cap allows the controller to be added or removed with ease
  • Industry standard wetmate E/O connection
  • Supports all 12v heated under garments
  • Incompatible with lights heads run downstream of the controller
  • Incompatible with non-UWLD battery canisters

The Science

  • Research has shown optimal decompression occurs when warm
  • The body may be cool on descent, but should be warm on ascent
  • Dr. Neal Pollock from DAN discusses Thermal Physiology and how temperature effects decompression in Broadcast 1  &Broadcast 2
    • Warm is 36C (96°F) | Cool is 27C (81°F)
  • Being warm at the beginning of the dive increases the uptake of inert gas
    • Being cold at decompression confounds decompression


  • Leverage existing investment in light and batteries
  • Advanced technology ensures consistent heat at the most crucial time, the end of the dive. Traditional solutions offer only 75% of heat at bottom low end of the battery.
  • Double O-Ring Seal
  • LED feedback removes guessing of set heat levels
  • LED battery level indication

Battery Burn Time

  • The controller runs slightly above undergarments rated wattage on high
  • To calculate burn times, UWLD suggest that 110% of wattage be used. If a diver has a 60W vest, they should calculate burn time for 66W for the high setting.
  • Each level drops the power consumption by 20%; for a 60w vest: Level 4 = 53W; Level 3 = 40w, Level 2 = 26.5W, and Level 1 = 13W.
  • With a light, add the light and vest wattage then divide by canister rating:
    • 32W (LD-40) 60W vest(X 110%)= 96W /124Wh (canister rating)
      • Both on high yields 1 hour on a 124 wh canister
      • Light on high, vest on low yields 2.5 hours on a 124 wh canister

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