Atomic Aquatics - Ai Atomic High Performance Power Inflator

$269.95 USD


Until now, power inflators were almost an after-thought. Now divers can have a truly high-performance dive system – in all aspects. The Ai Power Inflator is the world’s first high-performance BC power inflator. Atomic completely rethought how power inflators are engineered and designed. Ai Power Inflators deliver smooth, precise air control and are built to last from the most corrosion-resistant materials.


It’s our Atomic Aquatics head-to-toe philosophy for great diving. Why settle if something can be made better? That’s why it took Atomic 20 years to become a full-line dive manufacturer. We did it one category-leading product at a time. Every Atomic product is designed from the ground up and engineered from the finest materials available in order to be the definitive leader of its category. The Ai Power Inflator is designed to set the new standard for precise, long-term performance in its category.


Now you can have ALL Titanium dive system components. Designed to pair perfectly with a T3 regulator and Titanium OCTO, the all-Titanium Ai Power Inflator offers the same quality components and unparalleled performance as other Atomic Titanium equipment. The Titanium Ai Power Inflator has the same 3-Year/300-Dive service interval lifetime metal parts warranty as the Atomic T3 regulator. The warranty enables divers to dive more and wait longer between recommended servicing. The Ai will connect to virtually any existing BC inflation hose via specialized adapters.



Designed to pair perfectly with the Atomic ST1 regulator, the Stainless Steel Ai Power Inflator offers nearly the same level of corrosion-resistance, at a lower cost. The Stainless Steel Ai Power Inflator has a 2-Year/300-Dive service interval lifetime warranty. In the past, BC power inflators were mostly considered disposable. The Ai Power Inflator is repairable and easy to maintain for a long life of performance. It pairs well with any high-performance Atomic OCTO and the incredible BC1 for the ultimate dive system.

The Ai offers push button pneumatic or oral inflation of the buoyancy control device (BCD) and push button deflation.  It is attached to one of the low-pressure ports of your primary first stage.  A specially designed, quick disconnect is supplied with your Ai.  The Ai will connect to virtually any existing BCD inflation hose via specialized adapters.  Available in Red/Stainless Steel and Black/Titanium models. 

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