Big Blue - Dive Light w/ Built-In 4-Color Settings: White, Red, Blue, Green

$179.99 USD

The Quadricolor Lamp (white, green, red, blue) allows sharp shots in all circumstances.

Dedicated to photographers divers, this lamp will allow you to dive with quality equipment.

  • Autonomy : 2h at full power
  • Luminous intensity: 500 Lumens
  • Light angle: 85°.
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Maximum recommended depth: 100m

Data sheet

Light Source LED
Light output 500 Lm (white), 120 Lm (red), 40 Lm (blue), 300 Lm (green)
Casing material Aluminium alloy. Anti-corrosive anodized
Power source Li ion rechargeable battery pack BATCELL 18650
Angle of light beam 85° wide beam
Color temperature 6500K
Burn time 2 hrs
Maximum depth 100 m tested
Size Dia. 35.5 x L. 126.3 mm
Weight in air 162 g (including battery)
Buyoancy in seawater -84 g (including battery)
Switching system Push button with battery indicator
Front glass Lentille concave

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