Catalina - AL40 SCUBA Tank

$209.00 USD
These tanks are extremely popular for small stage bottles or decompression bottles. They are frequently used for dives that don't require an S80 or standard 80 cubic foot worth of decompression gas or are used for high O2 contents. All our SCUBA tanks are brand new from the factory with current hydro dates.
  • Catalina AL40 Tank
  • Gas Capacticy: 40cuft @ 3000 Rated Pressure
  • Length: 24.9"
  • Diameter: 5.25"
  • Weight: 15.9lbs
  • Buoyancy Full: -2.6lbs
  • Buoyancy Empty: +0.6lbs (500 PSI)

If you are looking for a different color or tank finish choice please let us know and we can see what we can find for you.

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