OMS - 2" Nylon Cam Band With Plastic Buckle 36" Length and OMS Friction Pad

$26.00 USD

Product Description

OMS 2-Inch Nylon Cam Band with Plastic Buckle, 36-Inch includes the OMS friction pad to provide a secure grip on your tank and eliminate movement during your dive. A generous length of Velcro allows for a secure closure around the cylinder throughout the dive. The stainless steel/plastic buckle is industry standard and ensures a durable product even in harsh salt water environments. Perfect for standard 7.25 inch diameter cylinders and suitable for the larger diameter 8 inch steel tanks as well.


  • Plastic buckle with nylon webbing
  • Use with 7.25 inch or 8 inch diameter tanks
  • Includes friction pad for secure tank attachment

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