Dive Rite - 2 Gauge Console

$210.00 USD

Heavy duty, not heavy weight.  The Dive Rite 2-gauge console features the durability of a 2" (5cm) diameter 'brass and glass' SPG.  Using a Bourdon tube, the SPG is calibrated to 5000 psi in 100 psi increments (360 Bar in 10 Bar increments) for the highest level of accuracy.  The tempered glass face is impact and scratch resistant.  The 2" depth gauge features  an easy to read display with maximum depth indicator.  Both gauges use luminescent faces, making them ideal for reading in low light situations.  The gauges are housed in an impact resistant boot.  Clip attachment points are molded into the boot on both sides for streamlining options.  A 30" (76.2cm) braided HP hose is included, and will fit any first stage with a standard 7/16" HP port.   Available in imperial and metric.


Technical Details

  • 2″ Mini Tech SPG (RG2762-NH)
  • 0-5000psi / 0- 360 Bar
  • 2″ Depth Gauge with max depth indicator
  • 0- 230 ft / 0 – 70 m
  • Impact resistant rubber boot
  • 30″ (76.2cm)  braided HP hose
  • 7/16″ thread
  • Console dimensions: 7.5″ L x 2.75″ W x 1.75″ H (19cm x 7cm x 4.5cm)
  • Weight (including HP hose): 1.35 lb (680 g)



  • A hose clip retainer (AC2019) and medium or XL bolt snap make attaching the console to your BCD easy and keep it streamlined.
  • Brass and glass SPG’s are heavy duty construction and more damage resistant than plastic SPG’s

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