Dive Rite - Adjustable Bungee System

$26.00 USD

The Dive Rite Adjustable Bungee System (ABS) allows fast and easy customization to fit any sidemount diver. The bungee cord is weaved through a custom designed, laser cut Delrin plate providing an infinitely adjustable bungee. The bungee will support even the heaviest of steel tanks without slipping thanks to the unique weaving pattern. There are no knots to tie and no tools are required--just loosen the weave at the plate, adjust to the correct length, and re-tighten. Make quick work of fine tuning your sidemount system and easily adjust for different sized tanks or varying thicknesses of exposure protection. They are also ideal for instructors and rental programs that need to quickly size the bungees for their customers.

The Adjustable Bungee System can also be quickly changed between Dive Rite’s standard ring bungee system, loop bungees with a snap, or traditional loop bungees. Simply unweave the bungee, add or remove hardware as necessary, and re-weave. The bungees can be easily attached to any of Dive Rite’s sidemount harnesses using the daisy chain webbing attachment point. Alternatively they can be attached to any small D-ring or quick link attached to the side of a standard backplate or harness.

The ABS uses high quality, tight weave ¼” bungee for long life and just the right amount of stretch. If the bungee does get damaged it is easily replaceable in the field.

The system includes the bungee, weaving plate, and ring bungee hardware including a 2” stainless steel ring, medium quick link, and medium bolt snap.


Technical Details

  • HW1026 Medium Stainless Bolt Snap
  • HW1021SS 2″ Stainless Ring
  • HW1014SS Medium Stainless Quick Link
  • 30 inches (76.2 cm) of 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) Bungee
  • Delrin bungee plate

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