Dive Rite - Bungee Slider with Bolt Snap

$17.00 USD

Dive Rite - Bungee Slider with Bolt Snap

"Just say no to a sloppy chop!"

This is a new product from Dive Rite and it is now our preferred method for securing the bottom two attachment points for the O2ptaim CM CCR. Tie a knot in one end to secure the bungee slider to your unit and then a knot on the other end so the slider does not pass all the way through the bolt snap insert.

This features a 3D printed bolt snap insert that is held in place with a small screw. Simply pull the bungee tight once you have connected the unit and it will be held tight. Stretch out the bungee and the unit will loosen. This makes removing and replacing the unit incredibly easy as well as tightly securing the unit to your body.

Available in two different sizes!

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