Dive Rite - Chest Mount CCR Line Cutter

$12.00 USD

Dive Rite - Chest Mount CCR Line Cutter

This line cutter is designed with a velcro lanyard to be placed in the chest mount CCR front line cutter holder. This will not work with the standard Dive Rite Line Cutter holster and is designed for the Choptima only.

The Dive Rite Ceramic Blade Line Cutter makes safety simple. No more Rust, no more dulling. Versatile mounting options make sure your cutting tool is where you want it when you need it. Effortlessly slice through fishing line, braided nylon, bungee, neoprene and 2 inch webbing, as well as almost any other entanglement hazard you might encounter at the dive site. A worry-free shielded blade prevents accidental cuts. The last line cutter you’ll ever need.

Technical Details

  • ZrO2 Ceramic Blade
  • Fiber reinforced nylon body
  • 1.8 oz (51 g)
  • The line cutter is designed with a hole in the body to provide a point to better grip the cutter, even for divers wearing gloves
  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse the line cutter and pouch and allow to air dry after each use.


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