Dive Rite - Elastic Light Handmount

$16.50 USD

The Dive Rite Elastic Handmount offers an alternative light handmount to the rigid Goodman and the soft glove style handmount. Streamlined and comfortable, the handmount consists of a laser cut Delrin top plate and a continuously adjustable length of 1” elastic webbing.

A quick adjust tab allows the elastic to be quickly loosened or pulled tight for a slip free fit while easily accommodating any size hand or glove. Similar to a Goodman style handmount, the light can be easily removed from your hand or switched from one hand to another.

The compact design allows easy storage in a pocket. Four holes on the edge of the top plate provide a location to tie bolt snaps or bungee cord.

The mount attaches to any Dive Rite primary light with two screws. It is also compatible with Dive Rite’s QRM mounting system (sold separately).


Technical Details

  • Laser Cut Delrin Top Plate
  • 1″ Elastic Webbing
  • 1.4 oz (40 g)

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