Dive Rite - FT Open Water Regulator Package

$719.00 USD

Dive Rite - FT Open Water Regulator Package

FT Open Water Regulator Package

Take your open water diving experience to the next level with this technically inspired open water regulator setup.

The FT Open Water Regulator Package comprises Dive Rite’s highly rated FT1 First Stage and a matched set of balanced XT2 Second Stages. Use of the FT1 First Stage allows this regulator package to remain simple and compact. This setup is designed to provide you with the right balance of comfort, safety, and control, ensuring an unforgettable diving experience.

The best components come together for the best regulator package: Breathe better underwater with Dive Rite’s high performance second stage regulator. The XT2 Second Stage is Dive Rite’s workhorse regulator, consistently improving divers’ underwater experiences since 2013. With a work of breathing of less than one joule per liter, the XT2 performs alongside the leading regulators on the market today.

The first stage of choice for the FT Open Water Regulator Package is Dive Rite’s sleek, fixed turret design first stage: the FT1. Rugged construction and the use of black diamond-like carbon brass mean that this regulator will continue to look good as it performs no matter what you throw at it. Available in yoke or DIN.

Tech Info

  • FT1 First Stage with an XT2 Second Stage with a carbon fiber cover and a XT2 Second Stage with a yellow cover.
  • Primary XT2 Second Stage Regulator routed under the diver’s arm on a 40-inch flex hose with an angled adapter.
  • Backup XT2 Second Stage Regulator on a 28-inch flex hose with a necklace so it can be accessed quickly if necessary.
  • 2-inch Tech Brass SPG on a 30-inch flex hose is made to be attached to the waist or chest D-ring for easy viewing.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for transport to and from the dive site.
  • Available in yoke or DIN.

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