Dive Rite - Tank Pressure Gauge

$98.00 USD

The Tank Pressure Gauge is useful when trying to determine the pressure of a tank. Rather than hunt down a regulator with a pressure gauge attached, divers can more quickly use the Tank Pressure Gauge. A small, handheld gauge, it fits easily in a tool box or save-a-dive kit. Standard with a DIN fitting which can easily be adapted to a yoke valve quickly with our DIN to Yoke Adapter, the gauge gives pressure in both imperial and metric readings. A simple screw makes it a breeze to bleed off pressure.


Technical Details

  • Brass body with glass lens and soft rubber boot
  • Gives imperial (in 100 psi increments) and metric ( 5 bar increments) units
  • 15.4 oz (.44 kgs)



  • Can be used with a DIN to yoke adapter

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