Dive Rite - Thumb Loop For Goodman Handmount

$23.00 USD

The Dive Rite Thumb Loop is an add-on accessory to the Dive Rite Goodman Handmount. The Thumb Loop makes it easy to switch the light from one hand to another, allowing the diver to keep their light on the line while checking gauges or managing equipment with the other hand.  It  also provides an alternative grip for the Goodman Handmount when exploring a cave passage or wreck. Especially useful while scootering, it allows you to hold the light with your driving hand while still able to operate the throttle.

The low profile Thumb Loop mounts internally on the top plate and does not stick out past the frame. This unique, streamlined design provides a well-balanced alternative grip that is steady and comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

The Loop easily mounts to the Goodman Handmount using two included Phillips head screws and can be mounted for right or left hand use by offsetting the light head mount to the opposite side of the plate.

With smooth, radiused edges and an inner diameter of 1.21 inches (30.7mm), the loop comfortably accommodates hands of all sizes. CNC machined from Delrin plastic, the Dive Rite Thumb Loop is a simple, high quality product that will quickly make you wonder how you ever dived without one.


Technical Details

  • Material: CNC machined Delrin
  • Inner Diameter: 1.21 inches (30.7mm)
  • Mounting Hardware: 2 x Phillips Head Screws, included
  • Can be mounted for left or right hand use
***Only compatible with new style Dive Rite Goodman hand mount with Delrin top plate. Will not work with older aluminum or molded plastic Goodman top plates or other brands of Goodman hand mounts***

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