Dive Rite - Wrist Slate

$13.00 USD

The Wrist Slate offers three, separate writing surfaces via three leaves that flip up for easy access. An elastic cord snaps the leaves back into place and a cord with sleeve stows the attached solid, carbon-stick pencil. The Wrist Slate fits on the curve of the forearm and can be attached with either the hook-and-loop strap or two small elastic cords included in the kit. Use them for note taking, back up deco schedules, or as a safety communication device.


Technical Details

  • 4-inches tall x 4-inches wide (10 cm x 10 cm)
  • 4.2-oz (0.12 kg)
  • 12″ Hook-and-loop strap included
  • Two 3/16″ bungee cord lengths included



  • To thoroughly clean your slate, use a mild abrasive such as a non-gel toothpaste or a soft-scrub style cleaning agent.

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