Dive Xtras - BlackTip Tech

$2,099.00 USD

BlackTip Tech


If weight isn’t critical and you would like a scooter that floats trim, the Tech model is the best choice! The scooter works best with either 9Ah or 12Ah batteries, but floats trim and includes an integral freshwater/saltwater trim plate.

BlackTip Tech Specifications

Weight 28.5lbs
Length 28.5in
Depth Rating 600ft
Continuous Max Speed 210ft/min
Boost Mode Max Speed 238ft/min
Boost Mode Max Runtime 7min
Boost Mode Max Thrust 57lbs

Safe Start

Activating the BlackTip outside of water will trigger a new feature known as ‘safe start’. The BlackTip will start in a low-power, slow-turning propeller mode if it detects it’s not in water. This helps to prevent unintended damage to your scooter or equipment while not actively diving.


The BlackTip is powered by a pair of commonly-found power tool batteries installed directly into the body. This makes the scooter easy to charge and even easier to extend the length of your dive by swapping out batteries on the fly. The BlackTip accepts any 20v (USA only) or 18v DCB-format power tool batteries in the following formats: 5Ah, 6Ah, 9Ah, 12Ah. These can be purchased at retailers worldwide or online via Amazon or other seller.


The BlackTip Tech has been designed to float trim and neutral when using larger 9Ah or 12Ah batteries. This is ideal for more technical dives, and makes scooter operation a breeze!

Saltwater Weight Plate

The BlackTip Tech also includes a removable weighted plate to balance out your scooter when diving in saltwater. It can be easily removed to adapt to freshwater, making balancing your BlackTip Tech a breeze!

Trigger & Speed

The BlackTip features eight speed modes. To activate the scooter, press the thumb trigger twice. The BlackTip will start in speed 3 (known as ‘cruise speed’) if in water, but will start in ‘safety start’ mode if not in water. Once your BlackTip is running, pressing the thumb switch twice will accelerate the scooter by one gear, and pressing the trigger once will slow the scooter down by one gear.

Silent Operation

The BlackTip features new drive firmware, with silent operation! Incredibly quiet and more efficient than ever!

Programmable Speed Settings

Your BlackTip’s speed gears can also be customized to suit your own preferences, either by adjusting the number of speed gears or by adjusting the speed of each gear!

LED Display

The BlackTip features a built-in LED screen that displays speed, battery level, and also a mismatch error in case of battery depletion or voltage inconsistency.

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