Dive Xtras - Cuda X Exploration

$7,300.00 USD


Introducing the Cuda-X

A Professional Diving Scooter for Technical Divers

Going back to one of our most popular scooters, the Cuda, our all new CudaX is an update on that iconic design. Direct drive simplicity updated for 2022. Check out its full feature set below.

Water Cooled Direct Drive Motor

Ultimate Simplicity & Performance

We built the CudaX to be the fastest and most powerful scooter on the market, as well as the most efficient. Utilizing a water cooled motor allows us to reduce hardware and take advantage of the CudaX’s natural habitat (the chilly depths) for optimal performance.

Pre-Swirl Stator

Reduce Torque & Arm Fatigue

Hydrodynamically designed arms pre-swirl the water entering the propeller, increasing efficiency and reducing torque and arm fatigue.

Ludicrous Speed

Buckle this! Ludicrous speed... Go!

The CudaX's supercharged 'Ludicrous Speed' sends everything possible to give you a ridiculous blast of peak performance far beyond anything available in a scooter today. You can’t (and won’t want to) run for long in this mode. So fasten all seat belts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall! Cancel the three ring circus! Secure all animals in the zoo...

Batteries Available Worldwide

Lithium Power Tool Batteries

Our scooters are known for utilizing readily available power tool batteries as their power sources, so why change a good thing? These battery packs are much more travel-friendly than costly custom lithium batteries and can be purchased from hardware stores anywhere in the world. Easily combined to create a large single pack in the scooter, they have all the benefits without the negatives. Designing and building safe, reliable lithium batteries is a complicated job. We chose to leave that to the experts.

Power Tool Batteries

Built-In Vacuum Leak Test System

Ultimate Peace of Mind

We've incorporated a vacuum leak test system directly into the CudaX's design, making it simple to test your scooter before every dive. For the professional diver or rental fleet owner, never dive again without knowing everything is sealed.

Vacuum Leak Test System

4-Bladed Propeller

Peak Performance

Optimized four-bladed propeller provided increased performance. Airfoil shaped blades for peak efficiency are also swept back, so the propeller quickly sheds kelp and other debris.

Four-Blade Propeller

Sealed Battery & Motor Compartments

Increased Safety

Independently sealed motor and battery compartments prevent a flood in either from effecting your whole scooter. A pressure rated bulkhead separates the two and features a sealed port plug that can be removed, allowing full vacuum leak check of the whole scooter.

Master Switch

Safety Kill Switch

The CudaX features a large external power switch for easy on/off. Safely cut all power to the scooter in case of emergency, or simply turn it off for safer stowing. The magnetic design doesn’t penetrate the hull and includes a timer that automatically turns off your scooter after 20 minutes if not used.

External Power Switch

Travel Friendly

Flyable & Shippable Batteries

If you like to travel, why not have a scooter that you can take with you too? Flying to Florida, Yucatan, or Bikini with the CudaX? It’s all possible! Using power tool batteries that fall below flying and shipping restrictions makes your scooter just another bag. The CudaX also breaks down into smaller segments for easy packing.

Two Models & Three Colors

Tech & Exploration

The CudaX is available in the Tech or the Exploration models. The CudaX Tech sports a shorter body tube with capacity for two batteries, and suits more technical dives or frequent traveling due to its lighter weight. The CudaX Exploration has a larger body tube, with room for four battery packs and double the runtime of the CudaX Tech model, for those looking for longer runtimes.

Now, for the first time ever, Dive Xtras is offering multiple color options for a scooter straight from the factory. Choose from black, blue, or orange-colored body and tail components for the look that suits you best!

Safe Start

Two Level Protection

A double click on the trigger is required to start scooter's motor, preventing accidental activation during transport or handling. On top of that, the CudaX's onboard computer will not allow the motor to output more than its minimal power level until it detects nothing is interfering with the prop blades.

Silent Drive

Brushless & Quiet: Virtually No Sound

Designed to be quiet, so you and the marine life can enjoy the dive. The CudaX has a brushless direct drive motor and electronics using the latest Field Oriented Control (FOC). Commutating the motor sinusoidally for decreased noise and increased efficiency.

Dual Handle

Single-handed control... or both

All new dual handle and trigger allows you to fully control the scooter with a single hand, or swap between hands simply and easily without disrupting your dive.

User Programable

Infinitely adjustable to suit your diving
The onboard computer allows you to adjust a range of settings to customize the CudaX's performance. You can configure the number of preset speeds, the power of each preset speed, or the acceleration rate. Do you want the scooter to restart at your last speed or always revert to starting speed? The list goes on…

Onboard Computer

Continuous Monitoring & Dual Screens

The onboard computer monitors and controls all aspects of the scooter’s performance and displays critical info on dual screens. Critical safety information such as battery voltages and internal temperatures are continuously monitored, as well as parameters like RPM, current draw, etc... which are used in the user programable features.


Lightweight & powerful

The CudaX is one of the lightest weight scooters in its performance category. With travel and easy portability being a major consideration for many Dive Xtras customers, weight was a major consideration in our design process.

Pre-Trimmed for Salt & Fresh Water

Neutral, trim, and handle up

The CudaX comes pre-trimmed for neutral buoyancy with a single removable stainless plate to switch between saltwater and freshwater diving.

Rugged All-Aluminum Construction

Professional Tough. Cuda Tough.

Machined by us in Seattle from 6061 T6 aluminum. The CudaX's construction gives you the toughness and strength expected from a professional scooter. With a design depth of 1000 feet, it surpasses the requirements of nearly every dive you can think of.

Tech Dive Ready

Rigged for you

We added the features divers most often add themselves. Front strap and bolt snap are integrated into the scooter, not added as an afterthought. The scooter is still trimmed and neutral with these extras included.

Double Click Speed Control

Patented simplicity

The CudaX uses Dive Xtras' patented double click speed control. The diver can simply shift between eight preset speeds with one hand by a simple double or single click, just like using a computer mouse. No need to adjust anything whilst diving with cold or gloved hands. Simply shift to the speed you need or to match your buddy.

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Weight 42.3lbs (19.2kg)
Max Thrust 108lbs (480N)
Max Speed (Ludicrous) 324ft/min
Ludicrous Duration (Per Use/Per Dive) 1min/36min
Max Continuous Speed 290ft/min
Runtime @ Max Continuous Speed 50min
Range @ Max Continuous Speed 2.7 miles (4.4km)
Cruise Range (150ft/min) 11.3 miles (18.2km)
Runtime @ Cruise Range (150ft/min) 400min
Design Depth Rating 1,000ft

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