Divesoft - SENTRY Mask

$79.95 USD


 A diver’s most essential piece of gear is a mask. This sleek low-profile single-lens design mask can handle the most demanding conditions while offering low volume and an exceptionally wide field of view.

The SENTRY design offers an exceptionally wide field of view with a low-volume frameless design making the mask easy to clear while having the highest degree of comfort. Don’t miss a thing during your exploration.

Complete with durable buckles and a frameless design makes the SENTRY a perfect primary and backup mask.

Item Features:
Single lens for the widest field of view.
Ultra Clear Tempered lens for uncompromised clarity.
Low-volume design for easy clearing.
Silicone skirt for optimal seal with ideal comfort.

Package includes:
Divesoft SENTRY mask
Mask case

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