DAN - Diving First Aid For Professional Divers

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Diving First Aid for Professional Divers

Dive accidents, while infrequent, necessitate swift, targeted responses. No single skill set can adequately address the diverse challenges that a dive accident may present. This course integrates components from the Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP), tailoring them to individuals who dive as part of their job and may need to adhere to OSHA regulations.

Bringing together elements from four distinct first-aid courses, this program provides a comprehensive framework for handling potential emergencies. It commences with fundamental life support, acquainting participants with the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and other conditions that pose immediate threats to life.

In situations where injury suspicion arises, a neurological assessment can identify abnormalities that necessitate immediate first-aid care and further evaluation.

Oxygen first aid remains a cornerstone in treating dive accidents. Recognizing signs and symptoms of decompression illness expedites timely intervention through oxygen therapy, as instructed in Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries.

Furthermore, most divers will inevitably encounter injuries, typically minor, from marine life interactions during dives. Many of these injuries demand simple remedies, yet occasionally, more intricate first-aid measures are indispensable. First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries covers both general care and specific interventions.

Completion of the Diving First Aid For Professional Divers course requires demonstrating skill proficiency and passing a final knowledge assessment for each section.

Upon successfully completing this course, you'll receive a provider card attesting to your training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), conducting basic neurological assessments, administering oxygen for scuba diving and drowning injuries, and applying first-aid procedures for injuries caused by marine life.

This course is designed for anyone seeking to consolidate a suite of first-aid skills applicable to managing emergency situations, particularly when their job may demand the application of these skills.

For those interested in a similar course, the Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) focuses solely on the skills, while "Diving First Aid for Professionals" extends these skills to a workplace context.

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  • Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) - This course is very similar, but DEMP only focuses on the skills while the course listed above, "Diving First Aid for Professionals", focuses on the same skills but carries them on to apply them in a work environment.

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