DUI - ZipStick

$14.00 USD

DUI - ZipStick


Did you know the replacement cost of a drysuit zipper could cost up to $366? Lubricating your drysuit zipper regularly is the BEST thing you can do. Protect your investment! The best way to protect your waterproof zipper is to keep it lubricated with a protective layer of ZipStick. After diving and rinsing your drysuit with fresh water, run DUI ZipStick up one side of the zipper and down the other. Then close and open your zipper.


  • DUI's new ZipStick is a much faster way to lubricate your zipper. 
  • DUI ZipStick is in a container that neat and easy to use. 

Only use on metal zippers. Not for use on DUI/YKK plastic zippers. 

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