Fourth Element - Ellipse Dryglove System - Unfitted

$161.70 USD


A simple, reliable, ergonomic system, designed to provide an easy solution for dry gloves. The ergonomic elliptical shape offers a slimmer profile whilst still allowing a larger hand to pass through. Aligning the glove and suit rings is made easier by an intuitive key system; the gloves are attached by pressing the rings together. A robust nitrile O-ring provides a reliable seal for the gloves which will stay secured throughout the dive.

Removing the gloves is a simple process, using the heel of your hand pop off one side of the glove ring to break the seal.

Designed by fourth element and manufactured for us by Si-Tech.

This is the complete Ellipse set, used to upgrade an existing suit that has QCS oval already fitted, enabling drygloves to be used. The branded case which can be used to keep drygloves in after the rings have been fitted.

Includes: 2 suit rings, 2 glove rings, 2 silicone bands, 4 O-rings, silicone grease, O-ring tool and branded case.

Does not include silicone seals.

Please note that drygloves are not included. Drygloves can be supplied as a separate item.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Developed for user-replaceable wrist seals
  • Ergonomic oval shape minimises bulk
  • Simple and reliable dryglove attachment
  • Retro-fits to replace QCS oval system

Fabric & Care:

  • Ellipse rings - Acetal
  • O-rings - Nitrile Rubber
  • O-ring tool - Composite Nylon*
  • Silicone bands - Silicone Rubber
  • Silicone grease - Silicone
  • Case - EVA foam*

*Rinse in freshwater after use

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