Hollis - PRISM 2 - FMCL

$9,299.95 USD

Hollis - PRISM 2 - FMCL


The Prism 2 is a fully closed circuit Rebreather, ideal for exploring open ocean, caves, or wrecks. This unit can be electronically or manually controlled which means you choose how you want the loop PPO2 maintained.

Includes option of front-mounted counterlungs. Combined with the rear mounted radial scrubber, the Prism 2 provides easy breathing with low resistive effort and low hydrostatic loading. The Prism 2 has also been tested by ANSTI at 100M and has the lowest WOB of any mixed gas CCR on the market. The standard kit includes an electronic secondary control and primary LED displays with a backplate/wing assembly that provides a complete kit ready to dive out of the box. Tanks and valves are purchased separately.


Dual, front mounted counterlungs provide the diver with a flexible reservoir equivalent to the maximum displacement of the diver’s own lung volume and ensures the lowest possible hydrostatic loading.

These counter lungs are fitted with both automatic and manual gas addition systems and a variable volume control valve (used upon ascent to vent excess expanding gas volume or to purge the loop). Diluent addition is automatically achieved as hydrostatic pressure increases and the counter lung collapses against the valve actuator.

Rear mounted radial scrubber

The Prism 2 utilizes a user packed, radial 5.5lb CO2 scrubber, which features the best possible duration, insulation and work of breathing on the rebreather. The scrubber canister is mounted vertically on the backplate and between twin supply cylinders (one each, oxygen and diluent). The clear scrubber bucket is molded from Engineered Thermoplastic. This Hollis exclusive design ensures the CO2 scrubber is installed, packed and provides a visual for positive loop integrity.


Every Prism 2 ships complete with a DSV (Dive Surface Valve) standard and BOV (Bailout Valve) as an available option. The BOV features a high performance regulator valve, is incredibly lightweight and is a direct bolt on for your Prism 2 to replace the DSV. The Prism 2 BOV is considered a basic safety device for the rebreather by many professionals and meets the requirements for training in Technical rebreather courses.


The electronics, sensors and batteries are mounted in the electronics head assembly at the top of the scrubber, with supply hoses feeding over the diver’s shoulders into the top of the counter lungs. An analog LED primary display offers a quick reference of unit performance with status and alarm indicators while an independent digital OLED secondary display verifies the unit’s performance.

All Features

  • Industry Best WOB – 1.57 J/L at 40 meters using AIR as diluent
  • Unit weight when fully charged, in standard configuration – approx. 47lbs
  • Split counterlungs allows inhale and exhale counterlungs for high work loads.
  • Counterlung drains make it easy to remove water during a dive
  • All gas lines external to the breathing loop prevents leaks from affecting the PPO2
  • Automatic diluent addition valve adds diluent during descent or when the loop volume is low
  • Manual diluent addition valve adds on board or off board diluent for loop flushing
  • Gases – Air, Trimix, and Heliox
  • Manual oxygen addition valve allows for manually controlling oxygen PPO2
  • Integral harness and BC or Backplate standard makes the Prism 2 ready to dive out of the box
  • High performance open circuit Bail Out Valve option
  • Full range of wings/harness gives the ultimate customization
  • Accepts 2L and 3L cylinders with the supplied tank band for flexible gas management
  • Eye level LED Primary display provides easy to monitor system status
  • Displays PPO2 for each oxygen sensor is used to control PPO2 manually & assure electronics system is nominal
  • External power switch is easy to power on
  • Easy calibration with a push button O2 calibration
  • Large OLED Secondary Display is easy to read, even for your buddy
  • PPO2 Monitoring of Three Sensors Continuous display of each sensor’s PPO2, mv reading easy to access
  • Closed Circuit & Open Circuit, 5 gases supports diluent switching & Multi-gas mix dive plans
  • 2 button push OC bailout – If you have to leave the loop, quickly switches to bailout support
  • CNS Tracking based on real time oxygen exposure
  • Software Update via web
  • Dive Log Download
  • Stainless Steel Stand Included

Technical Specifications

Length 21 in (53.3 cm)
Width 17 in (43.2 cm)
Depth 9 in (22.9 cm)
Buoyancy Neutral
Weight Approx. 47 lbs with tanks
Scrubber Flow Design Radial
Counterlungs Front Mount 3.5L / Back Mount 4.0L
PO2 set points Adjustable (0.7, 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)
O2 sensors 3 galvanic
Sensor life 12 months in air or 100 hours dive time
Heads Up Display Yes, 9V battery powered sequential LED
Handset Yes, (Shearwater Petrel) powered by Lithium cell
Battery type 9 volt Alkaline / 3.6V Lithium cell
Battery life 40 hrs
Automatic setpoint switch Yes
Integrated weight system Yes (Optional)
Scrubber duration
EN 14143 conforming testing:
190 min (0.5%, SEV CO2) using 8-12 @ 40 °F/4 °C, 3.0 L/min CO2, 18 fsw/6 msw
190 min (0.5%, SEV CO2) using 8-12 @ 40 °F/4 °C, 1.6 L/min CO2, 131 fsw/40 msw
215 min (0.5%, SEV CO2) using 8-12 @ 40 °F/4 °C, 1.6 L/min CO2, 330 fsw/100 msw

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