Nate-O-Strap For Shearwater Teric & TERN

$45.00 USD

Nate-O-Strap For Shearwater Teric & TERN

The “Nate-O Strap” by Uni-Shark is a custom NATO-Style strap designed to be used with the Shearwater TERIC and TERN. As cave divers, we were frustrated with how easy it was to lose the factory strap extension for drysuit diving. This strap is long enough to fit the wrist of a drysuit but has enough adjustment to be worn as a watch or when diving in a wetsuit. If you prefer, the nylon strap can easily be trimmed to size. Just remember to carefully melt the edge to prevent fraying.

⚠️Warning: Molten nylon is very hot and will adhere to skin, increasing burn risk, so please use extreme caution!!! ⚠️ 

Installation Instructions for the Nate-O-Strap can be found by clicking HERE.

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