Nautec - Silencer

$160.80 USD

Every cylinder inspection facility knows the problem, visual and hydrostatic inspections. Cylinders must be drained, with the accompanying assault on ones auditory nerves. With the MicroMaxx filtration system as a base, Nautec has developed and refined an effective noise reduction system that ensures operational safety requirements. When a pressure vessel is rapidly emptied, temperatures well in of excess -40C or -40F, are created. Conventional “Silencers” have no filtration system. Water vapour inside the cylinder can turn into ice crystals. Cylinder particulate can be ejected with sufficient force to cause personal injury. By installing the MicroMaxx filter in a muffler or silencer system, potentially dangerous loose cylinder particles and ice crystals are contained. As well, the decibel rating of the escaping air is reduced significantly. The decibel reduction will vary with the amount of air left in the cylinder, how far the knob is opened and marginally, with the valve air flow design.

The Nautec Silencer consists of three parts:

1). A connection piece to the cylinder – G5/8” that will accommodate valves up to 300 BAR.
2). A replaceable filter element, that contains air borne particulate and ice crystals.
3). A silencer pipe that attaches to the connection piece.

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