Nautec - Tec Valve Trim (Doubles Manifold) - DarkLine

$1,350.00 USD

Nautec - Tec Valve Trim (Doubles Manifold) - DarkLine

3/4: NPSM / 232 BAR


For compressed air double cylinders with flange diameters of 140 or 171 mm, 232 bar. A pro valve trim consisting of 2 Nautec SL valves (SL-L and SL-R), radially sealing TEC manifold, “Full-Metal-Core-Rubber Knobs”, two Nautec Micro filters and two blind stops for the G 5/8” regulator connections. All valve outlets can be shut off separately, the gas flow can be safely turned off using the Nautec TEC manifold between two flanges. Located opposite the hand wheel, is a connection port for a stub pressure gauge or a dive computer transmitter with 7/16″ connection thread.

The pro valve trim is 100 % oxygen-compatible.

CUSTOM ORDER ONLY – not stocked.

TO ORDER PLEASE MESSAGE BEN@PARAGONDIVE.COM. We will need the center to center spacing of your doubles set with the bands installed. These are not adjustable like your standard doubles manifold.

Attention! Do not attempt to repair NAUTEC-valves yourself. Unauthorized repair or tampering is hazardous and WILL VOID your warranty and NAUTEC liability. Maintenance and repairs by NAUTEC trained experts only!

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