Oceanic - Predator Snorkel - Camo

$29.95 USD

Oceanic - Predator Snorkel - Camo

Simple. Old-school. Effortless. 

The Oceanic Predator line is designed specifically for free divers and open water hunters, but with the ease of use and quality one can expect from Oceanic.

The Oceanic Predator Snorkel is a simple yet functional, old-school snorkel design. It’s so sleek that freedivers never have to worry about valves or moving parts that can disrupt a freedive. The Predator Snorkel offers the simplicity that a freediver demands with effortless breathing performance.

  • A Simple, Functional “J” Style Snorkel
  • Durable, Lightweight and Low Profile
  • Easy-to-Use Rubber Snorkel Keeper
  • No Valves or Moving Parts
  • Blue Camo Pattern

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