OMS - Quick Adjust Assembly

$75.00 USD

OMS Quick Adjust Assembly

The OMS SmartStream Quick Adjust Assembly allows a continuous loop, one piece harness to be used as an adjustable one which will fit most harnesses and work with any 2 inch wide webbing. By pulling the waist straps forward, the shoulder straps secure to the diver’s shoulders and back - allowing proper adjustments to be instantly achieved.

How it works:

Each webbing strap is threaded through either side of the backplate at waist point and held in place with tri-glides. The metal loops face inwards towards the diver and held fixed by the straps. The waist strap of the harness is then threaded through the loops and then the sockets of the OMS straps. It will slide through that way. Buckles and D-Rings then lock it into a maximum adjustment position so it cannot fully slip out.

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