SANTI - Heated Gloves 2.0

$349.00 USD

SANTI - Heated Gloves 2.0

The Heated Gloves 2.0 are designed as a part of the complex heating system consisting of the gloves, SANTI Thermovalve or SANTI Connector and external battery. This configuration allows a diver to wear the heated gloves under the dry gloves without risks associated with internal batteries.


  • maximum heating temperature: 45°C,
  • 36 W power (per pair),
  • run time with SANTI battery:
    battery 6Ah: 1h45min ~ 2h of heating,
    battery 24Ah: 9h ~10h of heating,
  • keep you warm even when the heating is off,
  • evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for free hand movements,
  • wires run on the external part of hands and fingers,
  • waterproof plug compatible with other SANTI products,
  • works with power supply no higher than 12V.

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