Sharkskin - High Performance Long Sleeve (Female)

$189.95 USD

Sharkskin - High Performance Long Sleeve (Female)

The new SHARKSKIN High Performance Long Sleeve Top helps you achieve more in your training, competition and recreation sessions.  

A combination of the world’s most advanced fabric technologies provides warmth on your core and flexible compression on your shoulders, arms and upper back for active watersports.

The entire front and lower back uses Chillproof 3-layer windchill proof fabric to keep your core and kidney area warm. The front also has a half zip for 100% warmth when you zip up or vent when needed.

The shoulders and arms are covered with a new Hydrophobic Nanotech Compression fabric that is infused with titanium to provide additional warmth. High compression helps speed recovery.  Hydro-Lock technology repels water to minimize water absorption even when submerged for a truly hydrophobic finish.

The shoulder area uses “posture right” kinesthetic panels that help with musculoskeletal form for all active watersports where you are using shoulder and arm rotation. The wrist has a welded-band cuff to keep it super secure and to stop it riding up when paddling or swimming.

SHARKSKIN High Performance is specifically designed to help you excel in active watersports like paddling, ocean swimming, sailing, windsurf, kitesurf and all foiling watersports. Its long sleeve design provides 100% UPF50+ sun protection.

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