Sharkskin - Rapid Dry Long Sleeve

$74.95 USD

Sharkskin - Rapid Dry Long Sleeve

When you are wearing a traditional rash guard, it is typically tight fitting and you have to stretch it onto your body.  Then when you wear it into the water and get out, you are suddenly wearing some saggy waterlogged shirt that is not keeping you dry or protected from the sun. As you know, repeated use of that rash guard results in a floppy top that no longer has its UV protection and is falling apart.

The Sharkskin Rapid Dry long sleeve is designed to have a loose-fitting stylish cut. Thanks to its cut, it can be worn on its own or over the top of another shirt or thermal gear. Its UV protection is SPF 50 in the water, out of the water, wet or dry. The high quality of material is much more durable and longer lasting than traditional Lycra and will hold true after prolonged use in chlorine or salt water. Finally, there is the Rapid Dry factor. This top will not get water logged and sag, in fact it will be dry within minutes of leaving the water. It is perfect to wear in any outdoor activity, especially those involving water.

Key Features:

  • Advanced water-repellant technology makes it try in minutes
  • Super durable even with prolonged use in chlorine and salt water
  • SPF 50 sun protection in and out of the water
  • Stylish cut with multiple color choices

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