Shearwater - Peregrine

$530.00 USD

Shearwater Research Peregrine - Advanced Nitrox Dive Computer / Recreational Dive Computer

The newest computer offering from Shearwater Research is the Shearwater Peregrine dive computer. It bills itself as a great recreational dive computer that will take the open water diver all the way into the realms of Advanced Nitrox.

Simple, Intuitive Layout, Easy to Navigate

Embark on your adventure into diving with Shearwater. The Peregrine is a simple and easily accessible, full colour, multi-gas dive computer. The Peregrine is your ideal companion for many adventures to come.

Multiple Diving Modes

  • Air - (Simple air mode for everyday diving)

  • Nitrox - (Single gas up to 40%)

  • 3 Gas Nitrox - (Up to 100% O2)

  • Gauge - Depth, time, resettable stop watch function

The Peregrine dive computer has modes for air, single nitrox, and a 3-gas user selectable function that allows up to 3 different nitrox gases with up to 100% O2.


Simple and Powerful

Full Colour. High Resolution. Easy-to-read display

2.2” LED LCD display with vivid, enhanced colour range and saturation.

Simplified diving modes and full decompression support

Uses Bühlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors. Shearwater dive computers never lockout for dive plan deviations.

Intuitive dive planner

Quick NDL Planner and full decompression planner built in.

Two Button Interface

Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure. 316 stainless steel buttons.

Wireless Charging

Battery life per charge is up to about 30 hours on medium brightness level. USB wireless charging station is included.

Wireless Data Transfer Smart Technology

Enables you to upload dive logs using wireless data transfer smart technology to Shearwater Cloud and free firmware updates

User Customizable Display

Customize your display with information important to you.

Multiple Languages

Languages include: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Italian and Spanish.

Optional colour wrist straps available from Shearwater

Each Peregrine comes with a 26 mm silicone black strap with stainless clasp and a shock cord bungee. The two other wrist strap colours available are Ocean Blue and White.

Product Highlights

  • Air/Nitrox capable up to 100% O2
  • 3 open-circuit gas switch presets
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors (no VPM)
  • Multi-compartment tissue saturation bar graphs
  • %CNS oxygen exposure tracking
  • Ascent rate monitor
  • Haptic (vibration) alarm that can be disabled
  • Date, time and temp display
  • Easy to read large {2.2 in | 5.59 cm} full color screen
  • Easy two-button operation adaptive menus with support for multiple languages
  • Extensive "home screen" customization options
  • User configurable units: imperial (feet) or metric (meters)
  • Logbook of last 200 hours of diving
  • Operational to at least { 394 fsw | 120 msw}
  • Battery charge level and warning
  • Richly featured gauge mode
  • Engineered polymer body with two stainless steel buttons
  • User configurable 27mm silicone wrist strap or bungee mount
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless upload/download
  • User upgradable firmware
  • Wireless rechargeable battery (factory replaceable)
  • Shearwater Cloud Dive Log Software
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

The Peregrine features a wireless rechargeable battery that is designed to offer 30 hours of battery life depending on the screen brightness. This offering from Shearwater should appeal to all but the most advanced divers and offers a very reasonable price tag.

Cloud Control

Shearwater divers can now connect their Peregrine and have the flexibility to share information between all electronic devices. The power to log your dives is now in your pocket.

The Shearwater Cloud is available for Mac, Windows, Apple iOS and Android platforms.

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