SI TECH - Antares Oval Dry Glove System

$195.00 USD

The ANTARES Dry Glove System is a narrow and minimalistic Dry Glove System with an oval ring design. It provides the recreational diver with an extremely slim and comfortable Dry Glove System which can be used together with a great variety of dry gloves.

The ANTARES Dry Glove System attaches to the QCS Oval attachment platform (QCS Oval with ANTARES Stiff Ring, item no: 60260).

Item no: 60600

  • Complete set with ANTARES and QCS Oval
  • Silicone seals, standard size

Item no: 60602

  • Complete set with ANTARES and QCS Oval
  • Latex seals, M size

Item no: 60610

  • Set with ANTARES Glove Rings and Spanner Rings

Item no: 60620

  • Set with ANTARES Glove Rings, Spanner Rings and ANTARES Stiff Ring


Technical specification

  • Narrow area: 86 mm
  • Wide area: 110 mm
  • Either used with fixed (glued) attachment platform or clamped onto latex seal
  • With fixed attachment platform (PU-Ring), full modularity is reached

Note! Gloves not included!

Note! PVC Glove - Basic size X-large is not suitable for ANTARES Dry Glove System (the shaft is too wide)! We recommend PVC Glove - Extended cuff item no. 60575-XL (blue) or 60576-XL (green) to be used instead.

ANTARES Manual movie:

Important information regarding ANTARES green Spanner rings:

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