TDI - Dive Rite O2ptima Chestmount ("Choptima") CCR Crossover Course

$875.00 USD

In our opinion of the Dive Rite Chest Mount CCR is the most versatile eCCR on the market! The CM O2ptima has been making waves in the CCR community. We offer training courses from entry level to advanced mixed gas and everything in between. Including the CM CCR crossover for divers that are already certified on other rebreather units.

The "ChO2ptima" is a big machine in a small package. It can be configured based on the type of diving you are interested in while still offering all the modern benefits of an eCCR. It can be dove with on-board or off-board O2, single tank, traditional backmounted doubles, and side-mount just to name a few configurations.

This crossover course is designed to take the experienced CCR diver and introduce them to the Dive Rite Chest Mount O2ptima unit.


18 years of age
10 logged CCR dives in the last 12 months (For Air Diluent Level)

Course Details:

60 Minutes Confined Water Training
240 Minutes Open Water Dives


$350 Per Day Instructor Fee

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