TUSA - Non-Reflective Lens For Paragon

$50.00 USD

Available exclusively for the new Paragon M2001SQB/SQW diving masks. These lenses are non-reflective UV Lens Treatment with AR and CrystalView Glass and are compatible with both Left and Right dual use.  Recommended for underwater photography professionals and diving instructors.


>  UV Lens Treatment with A/R and CrystalView Glass

>  Left and Right dual-use lens

>  Compatible Mask: M2001SQB/SQW

>  Recommended for UW Photography Professionals and Diving Instructors


Anti-Reflective (A/R) Lens Treatment
TUSA’s Anti-Reflective (A/R) Lens Treatment decreases internal and external reflected light. This reduction increases light transmission to 95% resulting in significantly enhanced color, clarity, contrast and better overall vision underwater.

CrystalView Optical Glass
CrystalView optical glass lenses provide superior clarity, color, and transmission of light over standard glass lenses used by the competition. Up to 15% of available light can be lost with a standard glass lens due to impurities and reflectivity. TUSA’s CrystalView lenses transmit up to 95% of available light to the diver for clear crisp vision.  CrystalView lenses are used in all PRO models masks. 

UV Lens Treatment
TUSA’s UV Lens Treatment provides 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Blocking of the ultraviolet spectrum (under 400nm) provides greater eye protection without sacrificing light transmission or vision.

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