TUSA - Universal Bungee Strap Set

$55.00 USD

The Universal Bungee Strap is adjustable, one-size fits all, and fits on most open heel fins on the market. It’s comfort-flex hinge, and rubber heel cup with a finger loop make for an easy fit.


>  Adjustable bungee strap

>  One size fits all with five (5) adjustable positions

>  Will fit on most open heel fins available on the market

>  Rubber heel cup with finger loop for easy fit
>  Bungee Strap

>  Anatomic Fin Strap


Anatomic Fin Strap
The AFS is anatomically shaped to offer a balance of flexibility and control to increase comfort, power transfer and to significantly reduce heel slippage found in many standard flat fin straps.

Bungee Strap
The heavy-duty elastic fin strap provides easy donning and doffing of fins.

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