Waterproof - G1 Glove - 7MM 3 Finger Polar Glove

$79.00 USD $138.00

During our numerous polar trips, we learned that divers underestimate the heat loss under extreme conditions. We may understand we probably need a thicker undersuit, but when it comes down to the accessories, like gloves and hoods, the options are less. Waterproof looked into this and created a series of accessories we tagged as ”Polar”.

The G1 7mm, 3-finger Semi-dry glove features taped seams, glide skin interior for easier donning and doffing as well as providing a quick-drying surface if needed before the next dive.

Product features:

  • Double seals – The G1 7mm semi-dry glove is equipped with an extra glide skin seal with a snug fit that makes the glove almost dry
  • Extra long YKK zipper – For easier donning and doffing
  • Glove grip – Good grip at the right place. A perfect help when putting on the second glove
  • I-SPAN for maximum stretch – Hi-quality super-stretch I-span nylon
  • Palm anti-slip grip – Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection
  • Pre-bent fingers – All fingers are pre-bent for maximum comfort, both when relaxed and when gripping
  • Reflective logo – Reflective graphics for extra visibility

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