XS SCUBA - Stainless Steel Star Tool

$39.95 USD

XS SCUBA - Stainless Steel Star Tool

Don't let a loose hose fitting or valve hand wheel blow an O-ring, or not allow proper valve function to ruin a dive. Not having the proper tools and parts to fix problems can do just that! The serious diver is always prepared to nip a dive aborting problem. That's just two scenarios that this Star Tool can remedy. You ever see non-stainless-steel tools when they have been exposed to salt water environments? Not a pretty sight. It also looks bad when you pull out your rusted open-end steel 9/16" x 11/16" to remove or replace a standard 9/16" or high-flow 11/16" second-stage hose. Many of the new low-profile designed hose fittings may not even allow you to use a standard wrench.

The XS Scuba's Star Tool also has a 1/2" and a 5/8" wrench, most common hex wrenches 5/32", 3/16" & 1/4" and a valve hand wheel driver. designed for imperial sized products (not metric) this compact sized width 3.85" x 0.5" (9.8cm x 1.3cm) thick (approximately), stainless-steel constructed with silicone over-mold handle tool can be handy when you need it. The Star Tool is a must for a save-a-dive-kit and makes a great gift for that diving significant other or friend.

The perfect companion to our Scuba Multi-Tool.

  • Remove and replace the most common scuba hoses

  • 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8” & 11/16” wrenches

  • Most common hex wrenches 5/32”, 3/16” & 1/4”

  • Valve handwheel driver

  • All imperial sizes for US products

  • Stainless steel construction with silicone over mold

  • Compact size: 3.85 x 0.5 in (98 x 13 mm) thick


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